Travel Planning

Planning Tip #1
Pack everything you want to take, and think you might need. Unpack the suitcase and pack four outfits that can work together creating outfits for all possible occasions, and double the amount of money that you had anticipated for the trip, and that is how we do it.

1. Use featherlight luggage with large wheels. On one visit to Paris I had to drag my suitcase for 1 1/2 miles over gravel, and uneven pavement to my hotel and my overloaded suitcase caught on every rock and crevice that I had to drag it across.
2. Pack lightweight wrinkle free clothing. You really don’t want to iron on your trip, you do enough of that at home. Also, light weight clothing weights less. On my last trip to Hawaii I had to pay the over the weight limit charge which was $50. It only cost $25 for the initial luggage charge so I paid $75 for one piece of luggage.
3. So far the best day for booking a trip is Tuesday, at 3 PM EST. Don’t stop with those rates, check into discounts for AARP, AAA, past traveler discounts. Make sure to call the carrier or vendor directly and negotiate the best price. Tell them about your findings to see if they can beat it. Look on Ebay, Groupon, and Craig’s List for deals as well.