Butchart Gardens, Victoria Island, BC

CAM00104 - CopyCAM00145 CAM00140 CAM00080 CAM00085 CAM00138 - Copy Butchart Gardens is one of the most famous gardens in North America. It is unbelievably beautiful. You can spend an entire day there walking through the gardens. If it rains there are umbrella stands throughout the gardens for you to pick up an umbrella if you need one. There is a lovely small tea house in the middle of the garden that serves tea and light fare daily. High Tea is very popular so make a reservation ahead if you plan to do that, otherwise you may wait quiet awhile. There is also a cafeteria on the grounds that also serves food. Make sure that you visit the gift shop as well.; They sell flower seeds, and various memorabilia that are great reminders of what a great place this is. I love it and visit it on every single trip to Seattle. It is a short ferry ride to the island, and don’t forget your passport. Also, when taking children, make sure you have a photo ID indicating they belong to you. They almost kept my son one year when I visited because I didn’t have his birth certificate. This is a must see. This visit was at Christmas time. The gardens are also lit up at night. It’s such an amazing event. Put it on your bucket list.

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