Hawaii has so many traditions, and so many ceremonies that it’s hard to take it all in at one time. That’s a good reason not to miss the Luau at Paradise Cove located a few miles outside of Honolulu. You will learn how to make leis, and wrist bands from beautiful orchids, and headbands from the dried branches of a palm tree. There are traditional Hawaiian games and activities such as spear throwing, canoeing, and hula lessons. Everyone gathers at the beach for a huki lau, where everyone participates in pulling in the nets to the rhythm of the traditional Hawaiian music along with the chants from the past. All these festivities lead up to the ceremonial digging up of the pig at a fire pit located close to the beach. The ceremony is a religious one and with music and dance. Each movement of the hula has some meaning and generally is done to pass culture and history on from generation to generation The Royal Court is present while the ceremony of the pig takes place, and then everyone follows the Royal Court back to the seating area to prepare for a feast of local fare. After a casual meal, an amazing sunset, and fantastic music, we are enchanted by a show that really rocks with the culture of Hawaii, it’s beauty, and it’s people. Of course there is the Hawaiian Cultural Center, Wiamea Falls, North Shore, Waikiki Beach, the Dole Plantation, The Old Sugar Mill, the zoo, Sealife Park, and the Kualoa Ranch. Too many places to tell about at once, but I will make a gallery and index the best features in my opinion of course. My personal feeling is that Paradise Cove has the best luau, and overall cultural experience on the island. IMG_0095 IMG_0099
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